Andreas Kloft

Tipster Andreas Kloft
Site BetAdvisor
Sport Rugby
Main Market/s England, France, Rugby Union (AH, O/U, EH)
Bookies Bet365, Pinnacle, William Hill
Nmonths 65
Nmonths in green 88%
Premium/Free PREMIUM
Npicks 1223
Npicks/month avg. 19
Price/month (€) 149
Price/pick (€) 7,92
Yield TOT 12,95%
Yield last 12m 6,76%
Yield last 6m 31,03%
Yield (flat stake) 13,27%
Profit (u) 7582,01
Odds avg. 1,9
Stake avg. 47,89
Profit Factor 1,3
K-ratio 1,13
Maximum Drawdown (u) 1199
Last update Dec 2017

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7 thoughts on “Andreas Kloft

  1. You just cant trust this Tipster or Betadvisor .
    His tip Newport Gwent Dragons +0 was a loser , but they validated it as void . Game was abandoned after 68 mins But the Dragons were losing by 12pts so Newcastle was awarded the win .,
    So anyone who backed the Dragons lost their money .

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  2. I agree with the comments above about Betadvisor and Andreas Kloft .
    Go to his profile on their website and it says 12.53% Yield for 1088 tips
    So how come the Tipsters Universe say that 11.61% Yield for 1125 tips
    So who is telling Lies ?, Betadvisor that’s who , 37 tips unaccounted for

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    1. Thank you for your feed-back.
      I checked it again and indeed there is a mismatch between my info and the “official” one from betadvisor. The curious issue here is that I based my analysis strictly on the information publicly provided by betadvisor.
      I will review it again, and even more, I will look at this website much more in detail from now on.


  3. Thanks to you they have been caught out lovely , because no one validates their tips ,
    Question now is , How many of their other tipsters have they also done this with ?


  4. Good work TipstersUniverse , You need to make a Black List of Tipsters to avoid ,
    That’s the one thing your website is missing .


    1. Thanks for the advice. Actually, I should do it for websites (like BetAdvisor, if you finally prove they are lying), instead of tipsters, because if the website presents (deliberately or not) incorrect information of a tipster, how can we be sure that it is not being done with others within their site?


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