Racing Invest

Tipster Racing Invest
Site RacingProofing
Sport Horse Racing
Main Market/s UK Horse Racing
Bookies Bet365
Nmonths 29
Nmonths in green 97%
Premium/Free PREMIUM
Npicks 17541
Npicks/month avg. 605
Price/month (€) 58,9
Price/pick (€) 0,1
Yield TOT 16,14%
Yield last 12m 15,7%
Yield last 6m 17,77%
Yield (flat stake) 16,2%
Profit (u) 35324,32
Odds avg. 9,41
Stake avg. 12,47
Profit Factor 1,18
K-ratio 2,95
Maximum Drawdown (u) 3,11
Observations Highly recommended to read the FAQ ( | Big volume of bets (on average 20 bets per day) | Range Stake/Pick [ 10, 20 and 30]
Last update Dec 2017

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